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Top 10 Portraits of People in Love. {2014 in Review}

Yesterday we looked back on my top portraits of 2014. Today, we’re going to look at portraits of couples inView full post »

Top 10 Portraits! {2014 in Review}

It’s about that time of year again! For the last several years, I’ve spent the last week of the yearView full post »

My Soul is Red Clay Mud.

I hope that I’m not the only one who can go weeks just feeling like the worst version of themselves. It scares meView full post »

Meditation and Basketball Goals.

The closest I’ve gotten to meditation was the time that I modeled for a figure drawing class. I wasn’t ableView full post »

There’s this song…

There’s this song that comes on a lot at work. It’s played consistently on all of my favorite pandoraView full post »

Daring December.

Right now my head is foggy, my nose is running, and it feels like there is a layer of cotton behind my forehead. So,View full post »

What I Learned In Nicaragua.

My time in Nicaragua afforded me the luxury of a significant amount of self-reflection. It also allowed me to re-View full post »

MLNA: Day 5

I have been creating a lot of content since I’ve been here, particularly in Granada. I have a lot of time toView full post »

The Photo.

This is the photo I want to be remembered by. You know how our parents and our grandparents all have the one photo thatView full post »

MLNA: Day Four

Good Morning! I sat down to write last night, afraid that I’d forget things, but, I fell asleep with my hands onView full post »

MLNA: Day 2

After leaving Carl and his buddies yesterday I met another American living in Granada. His name is Jeremy and he livesView full post »

My Little Nicaraguan Adventure: Day One.

My travel day started yesterday when my sweetheart of a brother picked me up at 9am, took me for coffee, and drove me toView full post »

To Change the World.

I believe life is a combination of existence and influence. A blanket woven from the tension created by marrying twoView full post »

Coffee Limits, Monthly Resolutions and Presentvember.

(If you are new to the blog and have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “monthly resolutions”View full post »

I’m Afraid.

With it being Halloween and all, I decided to give some thought to my fears. I wanted to dive deeply into them andView full post »

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