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An Open Letter to Creatives.

Hello dearest creative, I’ve been thinking about you lately. I’ve been thinking about how many people in myView full post »

Butterflies, Mountains and a Brief but Vibrant Existence.

There’s something about seeing a butterfly that slows me down. Maybe it’s the off-kilter rhythm of theirView full post »

A Case for the Sexy #Selfie.

I’ve always paid attention. I’ve always been aware of the needs of those around me and it’s a rare dayView full post »

The Finish Line.

On Friday, I ran a 5k. It wasn’t something that I thought much about. It was mostly just a result of my eagernessView full post »

The Art of Not Taking Things Personally.

Learning how to not take things personally has likely revolutionized my life more than any other learned behavior. It&#View full post »

My Time by the Water.

At the precipice of my 13th birthday, I moved to Inverness, Florida to live with my grandparents. There was turmoil atView full post »

Don’t let my cheerful disposition fool you.

Don’t let me cheerful disposition fool you dear readers. I’m not one to pretend that heart ache doesn’View full post »

The unquenchable thirst for exploration.

I have a deep and unquenchable thirst for exploration. Yes, of the world. But, more so, the depths of living life.View full post »

Poems, Romance and Solo Trips to Denny’s.

Once, a man in a cafe’ asked me to read his poem. It was five pages of how things dissipate but leave a residueView full post »

How to be Confident in 10 Easy Steps.

I sat next to him as we waited for the others to join us for dinner. He mentioned that his confidence is perceived, yetView full post »

I drew over the yellow pages what I believed to be a map to happiness.

I sat in the woods, my 7 year old fingers gripping the edges of a crinkled piece of paper torn from the phone book. IView full post »

Skimming your feet on the surface of negativity.

I’ve given thought to some phrases in my life lately. The things that when they come up I can easily get lost inView full post »

The Good Life and Goals.

When this blog was primarily to promote my photography business, I would often write monthly business and personal goalView full post »

Action or Acceptance.

I don’t always have the answers, though sometimes I may feel like I do. I tend to believe things with confidenceView full post »

The Balance of Me and You.

I recently wrote the words in my journal, ‘perhaps I really do just exist for the sake of other people.”View full post »

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