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On Finding Your Ultimate in Creative & Work Endeavors.

Last night I spoke at Business n’ Brews with Asheville Folk. I was one of 5 speakers who all shared a piece ofView full post »

On Letting Go.

There’s a familiarity in Portland. So much like home that I often expect to run into people that I know when IView full post »

On Make-Up Counters & Working Too Much.

I went to a make-up counter once. I walked tentatively up to the counter and asked about concealer. I was uneasy in thatView full post »

On the Waking Life Debacle.

To be honest, I wanted to write about anything other than Waking Life Espresso today. But, my mind is racked withView full post »

On Writing.

I finished another journal yesterday. They go more and more quickly these days. As I explore deeper into my being andView full post »

The Trouble with Authenticity.

There was a time in my life (aka the majority of it) where I thought that I had to always be happy. I felt likeView full post »

On Emotional Composure and Breaking Free.

I used to sit out on the dock over the lake. I would sit there for hours just writing and reading and listening to theView full post »

On Building Trust and Loving with a Heavy Hand.

I sat in a cafe in Paris. We’d been traveling for a few weeks and I was alone for what felt like the first time inView full post »

On Loving Your Body.

I’ve been aware lately of the virus that is the disconnect we have from our bodies. I’ve spoken before aboutView full post »

On Friendship and True Love.

When it comes to friends, give me complicated. Give me easy to disagree with. Give me hard to swallow. Give me deep.View full post »

How to Make Yourself Appear Less Threatening and Other Terrible Life Lessons.

I’ve always had expectations for myself, I require a lot for my existence. It’s important for me to wake upView full post »

Patience, Perspective, and letting go of Happy Endings.

Today, I realized every story doesn’t have to have a happy ending. I was never much for fairy tales anyway. RatherView full post »

On guiding principals and preservation.

I’m reading through my old journals right now. Starting from the beginning and hopefully reading the archives ofView full post »

On the Dynamics of Power and Value.

On my first day of college, I sat in the gymnasium and looked out among the other freshman. I felt overwhelmed and shyView full post »

Happiness & Inspiration.

I guess it’s no secret that I think it’s important to really know yourself. I think the exploration of selfView full post »

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