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The Perils of Expectation and Why I Stopped Wanting More.

I’ve spent a large chunk of my life operating out of expectation.View full post »

The Hardest Job I’ve Done.

Have you ever entered into a new position only to find yourself unsure of what your role is, uncertain as to whether youView full post »

Angry Poem

I used to speak up less. I’d hold my tongue when someone stepped on my toes or the toes of another. The bloodView full post »

On Loving Someone Who is Self-Employed.

I’ve been self-employed for most of the last decade. I’ve gone through seasons of over-working, under-View full post »

Negative Thoughts & Termites.

I’ve learned to think of negative thoughts as old friends coming to visit. Or, even new friends knocking on yourView full post »

On Falling in Love. (The Evolution Series: Week 6)

Before I even had a menstrual cycle I can remember being a sexual person.View full post »

My New Years Resolutions!

New Years is my favorite Holiday. It’s like everything in my life exists for the sake of celebrating this time ofView full post »

On Refining Voices and Humility

I’ve never really identified as a critic. I think I’ve always felt like critics are characters that show upView full post »


I have this quote written by my front door, “There’s a little bit of paradise in everyday. You just have toView full post »

On Setting the Artist Free.

I continuously cease to be impressed with myself. Like the over-achieving student who seeks straight-A’s for theView full post »

On Ghosts.

I crossed the street from the cafe’ to my car and I felt Nicaragua on my back. The places that I’ve traveledView full post »

On What the Forests Mean to Me.

The Dogwood Alliance asked me what the forests mean to me. I guess I could have said clean air (because that’s true),View full post »

On a healthy relationship with the internet & my response to Essena O’Neill.

I’ve felt the need to speak on this since the videos came out. But, I wanted to sit with it for a while. I didn&#View full post »


For a moment yesterday, I sat in my worry.View full post »

On Taking a Creative Work Retreat.

I think of creative movement as a breaking open. It’s the opportunity to remove pieces of your generic shell andView full post »

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