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August Alive.

Hi there.

I suppose it’s right about time for me to talk about my monthly resolutions again.
Have no idea what I’m talking about?
Get the details here.

Now, July…

In the month of July I wanted to focus on learning to say ‘no.’
To not do things just because I felt obligated to do them, rather, to focus my energy on the things that I WANTED to do.
The things that felt fulfilling for me and not the things that felt fulfilling for everyone else while draining me.

I also wanted to write daily letters to myself as a practice in being completely honest with myself and to tap into a deeper level of understanding.

How did I do?
Well, not perfect.
I didn’t say ‘no’ every time that I should have.
Daily letters looked a little more like weekly letters.
But, I did gain what some may call ‘balls’ or feminist friends of mine may call ‘ovaries’ and the generally accepted term of courage.

I’ve learned to stop making excuses for things I don’t want to do.
To not try to be ‘nice’ when turning things down but rather to be direct and honest.
It feels so much better.
For everyone.

I also think the letters to myself will continue.
It’s amazing to filter my thoughts in that way.
I really do feel like I hear things more clearly through that medium.


Now, what about August?

Thanks for asking.

For the month of August I want to focus on saying, “yes!”
To myself.

Giving myself everything that I want.
Particularly in terms of experiences.

With that in mind I have two very specific things that I’ve decided to do:

1.)  No photography for the month of August.
I’m only allowed to work at the coffee shop.
I’ve been working two full-time jobs since I started at the shop and that’s totally fine.
But, it’s time for me to stop.
I need to find balance and this is a start.

2.) I have to do something richly fun every single day.
Something that reminds me that I’m alive.

Something that makes me so very grateful to be living this life right here right now.

Some things may be as small as enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon with a friend and others may be hiking alone or taking a day trip to just grab a great cup of coffee.
Whatever I do, I have to experience it, photograph it, and then write about it.

In that order.

I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty excited about the month of August.

with love and living,


M o r e   i n f o