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Asheville, NC Massage Therapist: Client-Centered Bodywork. {Asheville, NC Creative Professional Headshots}

It’s always a pleasure of mine to photograph both a friend and someone who is starting a new project or venture.
Creative head shots are honestly one of my favorite types of photography.

My pal David is starting his journey as a massage therapist and he is AMAZING!
I’m so happy to be a small piece of his new venture.

Make sure to like his facebook page here and keep reading to find out more about him and how you can get a discounted massage!


“Client Centered Bodywork aims to provide a personalized experience for each individual. This is accomplished through a collaborative relationship between the therapist and client, one which is built on trust and respect for each body’s innate ability to heal itself. Within this structure, each client moves towards a deeper sense of strength and harmony through setting goals, learning about their body, and a massage catered to their unique needs. This focuses the work towards facilitating long term healing rather than short term fixes. A diverse tool set, from subtle energetic techniques to deep muscle release, is implemented to support the needs of each client. Using a balance of anatomical knowledge and intuition, Client Centered Bodywork creates a dialogue that explores each person’s unique path to wellness.”


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You can book a session with David by:

scheduling with him here:
calling him here: (828) 407-7504
e-mailing him here:

Here is the best news!!!!

David is offering your choice of either $15 off a massage or $100 for a 2-hour massage to anyone who comments on this blog post! 

AND, as a surprise to David, I’m offering 10% off a portrait session with anyone who books with him in the next two weeks! 

Hooray local businesses!

with love and massage,


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