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An Open Letter to Creatives.

Hello dearest creative,

I’ve been thinking about you lately. I’ve been thinking about how many people in my life are incredibly talented, full of valuable things to say or creativity to share. I’ve been thinking about how I know you are full and vibrant and gifted and how so many of you are keeping these gifts for yourself. Perhaps you are waiting for things to be perfect. The right timing, the perfect poem, the right song, the right platform.

Perhaps, you are afraid of sharing because of the likelihood of criticism. Likely because you are a critic yourself. Maybe you aren’t sharing because you think there will be someone out there better than you or that you will put it out and realize it wasn’t everything you hoped it would be. I’ve toiled with all of the reasons that so many talented people in my world aren’t putting themselves out there or chasing their dreams of creative fulfillment.

Some of you are just private and enjoy doing your things for yourself and yourself alone. I get that and respect it. But, for those of you beautiful people who have something to say but are holding back for one reason or another, let this letter serve as my plea for you to pour your creativity into the world.

There will never be a perfect time, a perfect song or a perfect platform. The people who succeed can only do so because they’ve taken action. There will be critics and that’s OK and you will most certainly put out work that you later regret. But, all of the greats were criticized and they all have pieces that aren’t as great as their best. There will always be someone more talented than you and the highest likelihood of growing is opening yourself up to learning from them rather than competing with them.

But, I love to dream of a world where we’re all pouring our energy into the world. Where we are doing what we do with gusto and fervor. I love to dream of a world so full of creative energy that it catches like a fire.

So, please create, beautiful ones, create. Stop living in fear.

We will never be perfect.

But, we will not always be alive.

with love,


Meghan Bollenback - June 30, 2015 - 1:14 pm

Beautifully written.

M o r e   i n f o