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Active April! {Asheville, NC}

It’s about that time again where we chat about my monthly resolutions. {If you’re new to the blog, welcome, and feel free to take a detour and read about monthly resolutions here.}

In March I planned to really experience my sadness. To allow myself to be alone and focus internally over externally. My physical reminders were to sit alone without technology for 30 minutes every morning and every night, to do a restorative yoga class once a week and to take a walk alone once a week.

Here’s the deal.

March was hard. Dealing with and experiences sadness is hard.
Being alone is not fun, and I found every single piece of this to be extremely challenging.

I did the alone in the morning thing for a solid week and a half. I went to one yoga class and I took one walk alone.

Internal growth is much harder to measure but, I could feel myself being more open and allowing negative emotions to have space in my life.
Perhaps the biggest change was just not trying to fill my time.
In the past I’ve always had to have a plan. I’ve needed to not be alone on the weekends or in the evenings, or in the daytime really.
I just never wanted to be at my house by myself, alone with my thoughts.
The month of March allowed me to embrace those moments where I didn’t have plans. To take that time to really experience what it feels like to be at peace with existence.

april (3 of 3)

For the month of April:

I am beyond excited to move into April’s goal! It’s been hard having a month of stillness and slowness. It feels like such a treat to move into a month of movement and action. For my goal to be quantifiable and simple to follow.

With all of that said, the goal is to do 30-minutes of activity 6 days a week.

That’s it.

No great soul searching here. Just simple foot to pavement or foot to tennis court or foot to mat 6 days of the week.

I can do these things with as many people as I want too.

So, invitations to tennis dates, basketball dates, long walks, yoga classes, nights out dancing, and general running around are officially and eagerly welcomed!!

Also, if you feel like joining me this month from wherever you are, my physical reminder will be an instagram photo everyday of my activity using the hashtag #activeapril. You can follow me at @sarajanecase and we can share in this together!

At the end of the month, I’ll choose one image using the hashtag #activeapril and that person will receive a free mini-session with me!

with love and action,


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