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A Sexy Woman. {Guest Blogger: David Eaton}

This week is my birthday week! I’ll be turning the good ‘ole 28 on Sunday the 26th! With that in mind I’m going to take the week a little easy. So, I’ve been blessed to have some amazing people writing guest blog posts for the week! This is not only a way for me to take a break, but, it’s also the best way for me to introduce you to some people who I love and respect.

Today I have David Eaton writing a follow-up to my post on Friday, “How to Be Sexy.” He’s writing from a male perspective and without having read my post. I’m excited to let you get to reading his words.

Before we do that though, let me tell you a little bit about our guest blogger today.

David is my roommate but also one of my dearest friends. He is one of those people that makes you want to believe in what he’s selling. He is one of the greatest facilitators that I’ve met. He’s also fun and bright and engaging. I think there are a few people that you will interact with in life who stand out as leaders and David is one of those people. He’s also a kick-butt massage therapist and bad-ass friend.

{one time he modeled for an article I did for a local magazine…}


A Sexy Woman.
By: David Eaton

I’m so excited to help kick off Sarajane’s birthday week.  I’m writing a follow up on SJ’s “How to Be Sexy” piece from last week from a male perspective.  I have purposefully not read Sarajane’s thoughts on the subject, so there may be some overlap.

The simple answer is that the sexiest thing a woman can do is feel sexy.

Sexy is much more than a superficial idea.  While certain looks tend to turn my head (for me it’s the casual sweatpants or boy shorts look), there are a lot that don’t (high heels, leather, fishnets, lots of makeup).  And everyone is different.  On the material level, sexy is relative and subjective.

So ignoring the material, what makes a woman sexy?  Again, I’ll note that this too is an opinion that I carry, and that all men don’t find the same things sexy.  But I do like to think there are elements of the feminine that are timeless and transcend subjectivity.

She is a woman who is confident; who has ease, and grace, and comfort.  Comfort in her skin.  Comfort in being seen.   Comfort in owning her emotions.

She is a paradox of power and vulnerability.  It is her strength that allows her the confidence to be delicate; that allows her the ability to be touched and seen without wilt or collapse.  She surrenders fully yet does not get lost.  She knows who she is.

She moves with rhythm and graces.  She dances.  She plays.  She speaks with her eyes and her hands.  She feels the sensuality of her body.  She shifts amongst the light of the shadows.

There is no right way to be sexy; no formula to capture one’s attention.   My tastes are mine alone.  And while palatable dishes of starch and salt can be ingested with ease by all, it’s those that aren’t afraid to take risks and play with new flavors that linger on our tongues.

So women of the world, continue to be creative.  Craft a dish that is uniquely you and share it with the world, knowing not everyone might enjoy it.  Craft a dish that makes you feel sexy, proud, excited, intrigued.  One you are confident in because you have tasted its delicious splendor.  And when you chose to share it with someone, do so fearlessly.

Cate Nunez Scales - January 21, 2014 - 9:02 pm

That is beautiful… and very sexy David!

Kylie Klinge - January 23, 2014 - 12:38 am

Very well said.

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