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A Man and His Son.

Last night I stood in the park.
I watched people and I created stories for them in my mind.

Some were quite lovely and simple.
Others a little more complicated.

All were products of my imagination.

I watched a man and his son.

The man appeared homeless and his little boy appeared to trust him openly.
My heart ached.
Less for the boy and more for the father.

I imagined all of the times he’ll have to say ‘no.’
To toys or to meals.
All of the ways he’d have to feel like he’s letting his son down.
When it’s likely that all he wants is to give him everything.

I imagined the teenage years.
When ‘no’ for an answer wouldn’t be good enough.
When his son would start asking ‘why.’
When he would start to see things in a way that will make him see his father as less then a super hero.

Instead as a man without a job,
a man with a substance problem,
a quitter.

Less like a super hero,
Less like the man who has done his best just to keep him alive.
Less like a man who has a full story, a history that brought him to this place.

Then, I hoped for his twenties.
I dreamt of him in law school.
A single tear on his father’s face as he put on his cap and gown.
His dad asking if he looked alright as he adjusts his thrift store tie.

I wrote his graduation speech in my mind.

“There are lessons that we learn from books. Equations, formulas, and probabilities.
There are things we learned in class about how to argue our point or technicalities of the law.
Each of these things have added to our foundation, they’re building blocks on top of what was already laid.
However, none of these lessons would have anywhere to go without our roots.
The water and sunlight that gave us the strength to grow.
The blood sweat and tears of a father, the sacrifices, and the encouragement..”

Last night I stood in the park.
I watched a man and his son.
In that moment it hit me, that we’re all in this together.
At the end of the day, no matter our choices, no matter our struggles, we’re all just trying to make it work.

with love,



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