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On Loving Your Body.

I’ve been aware lately of the virus that is the disconnect we have from our bodies. I’ve spoken before about the contagious nature of our insecurities, how we can give and take new fears from each other like a virus. But, the aspect of a virus that I’m talking about here is more about how wide spread this epidemic is. How it’s more common to hear the people in my life berate themselves rather than building themselves up. How we struggle to care for ourselves because we don’t know how to ask what we need in the proper way.

I’ve been thinking a lot about connecting to our bodies. How can we live fully if we’re constantly rejecting the very thing that carries us through this life?

I think it’s easier to rip it apart when you see yourself as two beings.
First a soul and then a body.

Then, it’s not you that you’re berating. It’s not a person at all.
We’re able to see our body as an empty vessel that’s only job is to be chipped away at and improved while it sustains our life.

What if we learned to see ourselves as a whole? How much more tinder would we be to our bodies if we were to remember that it’s the reason we can hug our loved ones. It’s the vessel that melds with our deepest heart and allows its dreams to be fulfilled.

I want to honor my body by being kind to it emotionally and physically too. I’d like to practice being more present in my skin and bones.

I had coffee with a lovely woman yesterday. We spoke of our hearts and the different ways in which we care for ourselves. She reminded me to ask how my heart is doing everyday as well as my body.

I find that practice attractive for many reasons. But, giving your body and your heart time to answer the question, “how are you today?” could be a real game changer for all of us.

So, let me ask you, how’s your heart today?

Have you given yourself the time you need alone? Have you seen your loved ones enough? Do you need an invigorating coffee date with a trusted friend? Would it suit you to go for a long walk in the woods?

How’s your body?

Do you need to move a little more today? Are you in need of some greenery? A little extra water? Does your body know that you love it and appreciate it for everything it offers you?

and finally, how is your mind?

Are you stressed? Do you have things in your life that you’re procrastinating on that you could finalize today and put your sweet mind at ease? Are you seeking simplicity and intentionality or are you living in a state of inactivity?

What can you do today to meet the needs of those three pieces of your whole and beautiful self?

with love,


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