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Happiness & Inspiration.

I guess it’s no secret that I think it’s important to really know yourself.

I think the exploration of self can make you a more accepting person, a more open person, a prolific creator.
It can open up your world to possibility and teach you healthy coping mechanisms for when your life isn’t quite on track. In some ways I believe the exploration of self is the key to a healthy, balanced and thriving life.

One of the ways I’ve used self exploration for my benefit is to create lists of personal preference. Lists of ways to cheer myself up or to put myself in a creative state of mind.

It can feel cloudy when you’re feeling anxious, upset or uninspired. In the moment, it can easy to adopt a defeatist attitude, to claim that as your current state and hunker down until you can feel better.

I prefer to be proactive and I find it easier to be proactive when I’m prepared.

So, I keep both a ‘happy list’ and a ‘inspiration list.’
For the happy list, I write down a compilation of things that, you guessed it, make me happy.
For the inspiration list, I write down a list of things that generally breathe creative energy into my life. Sometimes items on the list overlap and that’s OK. Whenever I feel stuck, sad or anxious I reference one of the lists and pick something to do. When it doesn’t feel like time for that exists, it’s likely exactly when it needs to happen.

My Current Happy List:

-Craggy Pinnacle
-Ceviche at Limones
-Movies at Fine Arts Theater
-Day trip out of town.
-Being near water.
-Writing at a cafe’
-Doing something new/out of the ordinary
-Cooking a nice meal for myself.
-Fresh Flowers

My Current Inspiration List:  

-Afternoon movies
-Early morning walks
-Exploring somewhere new.
-Talking to/Watching strangers
-Writing at a bar alone.
-Hiking alone.

On both of these lists there are things that are easy to do with little time or money and then there are things that are a bit more complicated than that. Both are necessary to serve as a reminder to not just do the things that are most convenient and to not wait until you have time to do something big to take care of yourself.

What are some things that are on your lists?


Mindy Oh - July 6, 2015 - 10:06 pm

I love this. I like the idea of writing these lists, and I believe my lists would be eerily similar to yours. xo

M o r e   i n f o