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Monthly Archives: March 2016


with love, Sarajane.View full post »

On Sex and Desire. ( The Evolution Series: Week 11 )

A dear friend recently encouraged me to write some erotica. It came in an e-mail reminding me that men haveView full post »

Make The Most of Your To-Do List! ( A Vantage Blog )

Do you ever find yourself in the weeds with your to-do list?View full post »

On Existing. ( The Evolution Series: Week 10 )

I think it’s funny how our bare faces have become a novelty. Like I’m being brave by showing you mine.View full post »

How to Guarantee You Won’t Get What You Want. ( A Vantage Blog )

Have you ever had something in your mind that you wanted, but, it just seemed like it will be so hard to get it. ThatView full post »

On Divorce. ( The Evolution Series: Week 9 )

I watched an old video of us today. I cringed at the sound of your voice because it was once the most important thing inView full post »

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