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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Dreams are Like Parking Spaces. ( A Vantage Blog )

I always get good parking spaces. I’m talking prime spots right near the entrance, right beside the place whereView full post »

How to Eat When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking. (A guest essay from Lily Calfee)

Hi there captivating blog readers! I am delighted to introduce you to Lily Calfee. She’s a creative health andView full post »

On Gratitude. ( The Evolution Series: Week 8 )

I’ve been bathing in the waters of gratitude lately. Doing my best to take steps deeper into the warmth that livesView full post »

On the Water. ( The Evolution Series: Week 7 )

I’ve written before about the way I feel about the water. The way that it tugs to me, how I run there when I needView full post »

The Fine Art of Getting Things Done. ( A Vantage Blog )

There’s  a magic in time management, an art to making the most out of a given day. I do my best to not getView full post »

On Falling in Love. (The Evolution Series: Week 6)

Before I even had a menstrual cycle I can remember being a sexual person.View full post »

On Priorities. ( A Vantage Blog)

Hi there lovelies. Today I’m introducing you to Vantage Blogs. If you’ve spent some time around here thenView full post »

On Re-Learning the Basics. (Evolution Series: Week 5)

I’m reminded this morning of the need to care for myself. For me right now, that feels like giving to my heart soView full post »

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