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Monthly Archives: July 2015


Meet Emily. cultural switchboard. observer. facilitator. deep-thinker. absorber. You can see more portraits from theView full post »

Patience, Perspective, and letting go of Happy Endings.

Today, I realized every story doesn’t have to have a happy ending. I was never much for fairy tales anyway. RatherView full post »


Meet Sam. explorer. super hero. motivator. surprise party. comedian.View full post »

On guiding principals and preservation.

I’m reading through my old journals right now. Starting from the beginning and hopefully reading the archives ofView full post »


Meet Joanna. empathizer. artist. peacemaker. teammate. friend. supporter. fun-lover. See more from the black and whiteView full post »

Alex Fisher Portraits

 “I’m not a professional. I’m a human. Or, as Gwen Stefani during her No Doubt days so eloquently put it, “View full post »

On the Dynamics of Power and Value.

On my first day of college, I sat in the gymnasium and looked out among the other freshman. I felt overwhelmed and shyView full post »


Meet Oby. supporter. emancipator. loving father. whimsical. aspirer. thinker. helpmate. adapter. To see more from thisView full post »

Happiness & Inspiration.

I guess it’s no secret that I think it’s important to really know yourself. I think the exploration of selfView full post »


Meet Donna. Giver. Optimist. Guardian. Acceptor. Mother. Remarkable.  View full post »

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