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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Action or Acceptance.

I don’t always have the answers, though sometimes I may feel like I do. I tend to believe things with confidenceView full post »

The Balance of Me and You.

I recently wrote the words in my journal, ‘perhaps I really do just exist for the sake of other people.”View full post »

Confessions of a Former Woman Hater

There’s a part of my story that I like to gloss over. It’s something that people who have known me for yearsView full post »

The deepest wounds.

I looked back through my deepest wounds this morning, as I like to do. What I learned is that the ones that still stingView full post »

On Routine and Creation.

It can feel easy to go to work, come home, cook dinner, go to sleep, and repeat. My variation of that has looked likeView full post »

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