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Monthly Archives: October 2014

I’m Afraid.

With it being Halloween and all, I decided to give some thought to my fears. I wanted to dive deeply into them andView full post »

Less than.

I have a continued goal to keep everything honest and balanced on here. It would be nice to share only the moments whenView full post »

More Than Sweet.

The words, “you’re so sweet” dripped from his tongue like bitter honey. Perhaps they were intended toView full post »

Instead, I wrote this…

I was going to write a blog about using the word, “cute.” How I dislike it. How I think we use it to replaceView full post »

The Fine Art of Dining Alone

I can remember the first time I had to eat alone at a restaurant. I’d moved to a new city where I didn’tView full post »

Raindrops and Tendrils.

I’m not sure when I stopped minding to get caught in the rain. The stress over my hair getting messed up and theView full post »

Thursday Morning.

I sat, both finite and infinite. Feeling the limitations of my bones as my soul stretched out from me like a net.View full post »


Well, hello there. We meet again. It is about that time for me to talk about monthly resolutions. If you are new to theView full post »


He talked to me over Indian food. Speaking of freedom and how we find it when we learn to be all of ourselves. LivingView full post »

To be in my bones.

I’m continuously trying to be bolder, stronger, and more liberated. I feel pressure to be everything at all timesView full post »

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