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Beautiful Things: 1 Sweater 3 Ways!

I’ve got to be honest with you, it is hard for me to find sweaters that feel good on me. I’ve happily limited myself to cardigans, ponchos and scarves for my winter wears. I think it’s my body shape and the height at which the small of my waist hits. When I wear a sweater it often feels like I’ve turned myself into a box. When Appalatch reached out to me about making a custom sweater, I was so excited. I was already really interested in the work that they’re doing. They’re incredibly friendly to the environment, they’re a small/kind staff, and they put out work that is beautiful and quite frankly really really soft. When I realized that they would be taking my measurements and building a sweater that suits my body exactly how I would like it to, I was elated.

I chose the Winter Floral, it hits me right at the small of my waist and is just baggy enough to be cozy. On their website, simply place an order for one for free, then they will get in touch with you for your measurements, fit specifications and billing from there! Easy!

I took my sweater and made three looks with it to share with you! Here ya go!

Look 1. 

Look 2.

Look 3. 

Check out the work that Appalatch is doing right here in our community if you feel like treating yourself or someone you love to a piece that I promise will make the recipient feel like a million bucks! I may never take mine off.

with love,



Donna Dobbins McCall - December 5, 2015 - 12:21 am

Love,love love it !

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